The Edge4Health is a partnership between NHS Shared Business Services and Virtualstock

Complete your perfect order with The Edge4Health, our Procure2Pay and online
catalogue solution, to boost sales, increase range and expand reach.

The Edge4Health is a smarter way to grow.

 With one, easy connection, you can now upload your entire product catalogue and
pricing to sell to an ever-growing number of
healthcare providers.

Our intelligent solution also automates numerous labour-intensive processes,
making product induction and order processing truly efficient,
whilst ensuring fast payment.

Your Healthcare Solutions

catalogue management

Connecting suppliers and NHS providers on a single platform:

As digital technology hits healthcare procurement with growing pressure on providers to achieve efficiency targets, an increasing number of NHS providers are using The Edge4Health as their online catalogue management system.
NHS suppliers that adopt The Edge4Health can protect their relationships with these providers, whilst leveraging the platform opportunities and benefits. These include an expanded product range and wider access to providers, all from a single catalogue upload.

procure 2 pay

Delivering the perfect order, end-to-end:

Organisations with world-class Procure2Pay capabilities are twice as likely to achieve their corporate goals and halve their costs.

The Edge4Health Procure2Pay solution signifies automated and more efficient ordering and payment processes, that seamlessly connect NHS buyers and suppliers across the full procurement cycle.