Fire up your competitive edge by offering a richer consumer experience, to lift revenue, grow loyalty and deliver perfection.

Today, consumers are more fickle than ever and maintaining their loyalty is a major retailer challenge. And in light of the new digital requirements, traditional supply chains are struggling to deliver (quite literally).

Our intelligent platform, The Edge, helps you link your people and processes across the supply chain in a smarter way, so you can keep pace with change and exceed great expectations.


dropship management

Maximise range and revenue – without risk:

Dropshipping enables retailers to extend their virtual aisle, whilst avoiding the associated costs and risks of increased physical inventory. The Edge delivers a complete end-to-end solution that provides the visibility needed to manage dropship orders and maintain a consistent brand experience.

marketplace management

Increase online sales reach:

As a key part of their online strategy, retailers are increasingly turning to marketplace platforms. However, managing multiple marketplaces can prove incredibly complex. The Edge enables retailers to manage numerous sales platforms alongside their other channels, seamlessly.

click & collect management

Offer flexible delivery options:

Click & Collect has taken the world by storm and redefined the shopping experience. So, whether shipping the order from a distribution centre to the store, or fulfilling the order from in-store stock, The Edge offers an end-to-end solution that provides real time visibility and scales as sales grow.

data workflow

Eliminate manual data input:

Businesses are now expected to react faster to change, with spreadsheets no longer providing an adequate speed to market. The Edge facilitates the automation of supplier product induction through secure, configurable and role-based workflow.

supply chain management

Gain total control & visibility:

The Edge provides a single and accurate overview of all stock, across all channels. As a result, all inventory within a retailer’s complex network of stores, suppliers, warehouses and distribution centres can now be viewed in one centralised location.

systems connection management

Unify data and unleash its power:

Replacing or integrating legacy systems, or building internal bespoke solutions, can prove expensive and time-consuming. The Edge allows retailers to continue working with their existing network by connecting the systems seamlessly, while maintaining total data integrity.

made for you

Bespoke solutions:

Each solution comprises a particular combination of building blocks, or modules, that are stacked to suit your needs. The aim of our solutions is to:

• Plug the holes in your current supply chain and problem solve;

• Enhance your consumer experience through game-changing technology.

So, whatever your supply chain objectives, we can identify the necessary modules and create a tailored solution.